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Tianjin freight forwarder, shipping from Tianjin ChinaTianjin freight forwarder, shipping from Tianjin China

Written by one of the top China based freight forwarders, for those looking for shipping service from Tianjin by sea, air or railway. Whatever the shipment is, here’s the one-stop shipping solution to all international freight requirements from Tianjin and cities nearby.

About Tianjin City

Tianjin is a coastal metropolis in North China on the shore of Bohai Sea. One of China’s first experimental free trade zones was established in Tianjin. The total value of imports and exports in Tianjin port in China amounted to around 191 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, decreasing from around 201 billion U.S. dollars in the previous year.
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Tianjin Freight Forwarder

Tianjin freight forwarder, shipping from Tianjin by seaInternational shipping from Tianjin can be challenging, time and energy consuming. With the help of a Tianjin freight forwarder, your shipments can be accelerated and freight management made simple. 

When shipping your cargo from Tianjin, you have these modes of transportation to choose from: sea freight, air freight, and sometimes maybe shipping by freight rain. 

There’s no universal answer to the “best way” to ship from Tianjin, each client is unique with different requirements under a given circumstance. The best way is with a reliable, reputable, experienced Tianjin freight forwarder. For they have the expertise, knowledge, local connections and global networks to carry out your sea/air/railway shipments from Tianjin. Moreover, door to door shipping solution is made possible through their freight forwarding service.

Sea Freight from Xingang Tianjin, China

Port of Tianjin/Port of Xingang
Being the largest port in North China, Tianjin also acts as the maritime gateway of Beijing, and Hebei.
The name “Xingang” which strictly speak refers to the main seaport area, is sometimes used to refer to the whole port. The port of Xingang is the largest man-made port in mainland China. It consists of 159 berths, of which 102 are over 10,000 tons. It trades with over 500 ports in over 180 countries and territories.Tianjin freight forwarder, shipping from Tianjin by air
Container throughput of Tianjin port in 2021 reached 20.27 million TEU, a year-on-year increase of 10.4%.

From port of Tianjin, we are shipping more than standard container shipments, but also large and heavy equipment using flat rack and open top containers, arranging RORO and bulk cargo ships, etc. 

Air Freight from Tianjin, China

Sitting next to the capital city Beijing, products made in Tianjin or Henan would often be air shipped from Beijing airport, as Beijing is a much bigger international airport, with more international flight, routes and more frequent schedules. 
Airport of Beijing
Beijing Capital International Airport (IATA CODE: PEK) is one of the two leading airports serving the city. It’s the 3rd largest cargo airport in China. Freight traffic is served by over 100 airlines with connection to all around the world. Beijing has 4 hangars, capable of handling wide-body equipment

Rail freight from Tianjin, freight train shipping from China

Over the past two decades, Tianjin has granted full support to the development of China-Europe freight train services. Tianjin freight forwarder, shipping from Tianjin by freight train
On 25 Nov 2016, China launched a freight train connecting Tianjin and Minsk, the capital of Belarus.
On 14 Aug, 2019, a China-Europe Railway Express launched the 100th cargo train of the year bound for Europe from Tianjin port.

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With the help of a Tianjin freight forwarder, shipping from Tianjin can be made easy. Whether by sea, air or railway, here’s the final shipping solution, one-stop freight forwarding service from Tianjin and cities nearby.

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