Chargeable weight, volumetric weight, actual weight(air shipping and courier)

In air shipping and courier, the chargeable weight is not necessarily the actual weight.

Most of the time chargeable weight is the actual weight. However, weight is not the only factor to consider due to limited cargo space. For low density cargo (i.e., low weight, high volume), you will be charged based on the volume rather than the actual weight.

Here’s the answer.

Air shipping

Volumetric weight=Volume (cm^3, cubic centimeter)÷6000

                                  Or volume (m^3, cubic meter)×167

Compared with actual weight, the bigger one is the chargeable weight.

1 pallet, volume: 1.2CBM, actual weight:500KG

Volumetric weight=1.2×167=200.4KG

Chargeable weight=actual weight=500KG


Courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT)

Volumetric weight=Volume (cm^3, cubic centimeter)÷5000

                                 Or volume (m^3, cubic meter)×200

Compared with actual weight, the bigger one is the chargeable weight.

1 pallet, volume: 0.8CBM, actual weight: 150KG

Volumetric weight=0.8×200=160KG

Chargeable weight=volumetric weight=160KG.


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